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Welcome to the website of Cultura y Artesania de Chile. As our name suggests, we mainly handle traditional handicrafts from South America, especially from Chile.

"Traditional handicrafts" covers a large spectrum of items. These include woven fabrics, handmade jewelry with or
without stones, statues of stone, dream catchers, pottery, etc. ...
All of these items are directly imported by us through local contacts.

This is just a small selection from our range, but stil our website will give you quite a detailed overview.
And of course you're always welcome to our store in Herenthout (near Antwerp, Belgium). But you can also order directly from our webshop and choose your items quietly at home, at your convenience.

Our philosophy

philosophy is that despite our hectic life, we once in a while take a moment to reflect on ancient civilizations. Such as Buddhism or Indian tribes. These cultures know about the spiritual and healing properties of the elements of nature. For example, think of the shamans and medicine men.

By a moment of reflection to insert, we give ourselves the chance to escape from our hurried pace of life. So we can check whether we are walking the correct path. Resulting in richer life with more awareness.

Our goal is to assist everyone who seeks a more conscious life. We hope visting our website can help and that your reading will be utmost enjoyable and enriching.

A quick look at items in our webshop

Our shop is an online store with a nice selection of stuff from South America. We always try to get the best product at the best price to offer.

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